VUB SWIMMING POOL: Get a nice free bathing cap!

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Total budget: €8.00mio
Total budget EU + RBC: €2.00mio

VUB SWIMMING POOL: Get a nice free bathing cap!

14:00 - 21:00

Vrije Universiteit Brussel – campus Etterbeek
8 Triomflaan
1050 Brussels

Swimming in the brand new VUB swimming pool

The old 25m swimming pool was renovated recently, and extended with a new learner pool with a movable floor. For the renovation, a maximum of sustainable materials, techniques and energy was used. The renovated swimming pool opened its doors on 15 February 2018

The ERDF/BCR funding was used to construct the learner pool and for the sustainability investments.

The energy demands are limited as much as possible by constructing a compact and very well-insulated building, using pool sheeting/a movable floor in the target group pool, using a separate air conditioning system for each of the swimming pool halls, LED lights with time-of-day control and water-saving showers. Secondly, high-efficiency air conditioning is available to recover energy and water from the air, and also the heating energy from the rinse water is re-used. The third step is to create sustainable energy by co-generating heat and electricity. A rinse water recovery system, which also uses rain water, ensures the economical use of water.

These sustainability measures tally with the global sustainability vision and targets of the VUB, the Brussels Capital Region and the European Union.


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