IMAL/CASTII: le Fablab pour la médiation culturelle et sociale

Total budget: €2.91mio
Total budget EU + RBC: €2.79mio

IMAL/CASTII: le Fablab pour la médiation culturelle et sociale

15.09.2021 - 20.10.2021
18:00 - 22:00

quai des charbonnages 30-34
1080 Bruxelles

This training course for professionals and volunteers aims to make facilitators autonomous in a fablab (or similar space such as a library equipped with 3D printers) so that they can lead adapted animations, themselves and without the need for technical support.

Based on our experience with the ERDF CASTII project and documented on the website, this course in 6 times 4 hours allows to

Learn how to set up and launch a 3D printing/laser cutting system.
Learn how to draw in 3D and 2D for 3D printing/laser cutting with software adapted to the mediation.
Learn how to maintain the machines, know their problems and know how to report them to the fab manager.
Presentation of different software and tips to make participants draw in mediation workshops.
Learning the different workflows for different types of animation.
Presentations of different strategies to bring out creativity in the fablab.
This course is free of charge and only accessible to professionals or volunteers in the field of cultural and/or social mediation.

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The Feder CASTII project (supported by, aims to create a large centre of local, regional and international dimension around digital cultures, arts, sciences and technologies and innovations and to offer to the population living in the canal zone the possibility to get initiated to creativity with digital technologies.