ART2WORK Discover the film "Par-delà les limites!"

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Total budget: €1.37mio
Total budget EU + RBC: €1.25mio

ART2WORK Discover the film "Par-delà les limites!"

19.10.2021 - 31.10.2021
10:00 - 23:00

quai du Hainaut 41
1080 Bruxelles

The ART2WORK project is a project supported by the ERDF. The objective of the ART2WORK project is to contribute to the employment of young people with little schooling from disadvantaged neighbourhoods and to promote the exchange of experiences between young professionals within a shared workspace.



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film documentaire

by Maroussia Klep and Jose Huedo - 2018 - Belgium - 32’ - VO FR / NL ot.
production Impact Storytelling
coproduction ART2WORK & GSARA
In collaboration with Les Films de la passerelle

"In Brussels, unemployment affects more than one in four young people today. But how can you find a job when you have doubts about your own value?
In order to overcome the obstacles set by an unequal society, ten young Belgians with a foreign background first have to face those limits that they impose on themselves."

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