ART2WORK : Brewing new professional opportunities for young people

Coaching ART2WORK
Total budget: €1.37mio
Total budget EU + RBC: €1.25mio

ART2WORK : Brewing new professional opportunities for young people

09:00 - 23:00

quai du Hainaut 41
1080 Bruxelles

An in-depth evaluation of the existing ART2WORK work experience project showed that young people with low educational attainment need a specific approach: a broad, creative and sustainable approach, which allows the potential of the talent present to be detected, developed and brought back to the city.


The objective of the ART2WORK project is to contribute to the employment of young people with little schooling from disadvantaged neighbourhoods and to promote the exchange of experiences between young professionals within a shared workspace. In concrete terms, the project, which is coming to an end, has :

- Set up tailor-made support to help young people get started professionally: job coaching in close cooperation with companies, close support for business creation, etc.

- Developed the fourth floor of the Bellevue building into a creative brewery with a large kitchen, closed workshops and a co-working space where the exchange of skills will be promoted.

More information

To be seen or reviewed, young people's experience of the project and videos.